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  1. [H~I] Z̶A̶G̶R̶E̶U̶S̶ @ 05 Oct 2020 07:34:03 PM
    'meh, I would say you guys are pretty much a graveyard. The whole gang stays dead (hossy) most days.'

    You won the battle and gained 3 experience.
    You took $1,595 from [NBK] Lolly Squirrel.
    Your gang took $398.

  2. [H~I] McLovin @ 05 Oct 2020 11:12:21 PM
    Hard to call us a graveyard when it’s Bootleggers that is full of actual dead accounts.
    Some of you seem to have lost how this game actually works. You aren’t killing people, you are beating them in a fight. So the difference is, our gang is injured, yours is dead. :haha:
  3. [H~I] WRX_STi_S209™ @ 12 Oct 2020 02:02:32 PM