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im being logged out automatically

  1. Feel Like Dancin @ 14 Mar 2013 05:51:43 PM
    So i've been suffering for a quite time from being logged out automatically and i went for support and they told me that my ip is changing regularly so did anyone had the same problem and found a way to fix it or is the solution in getting a static ip like i dont want to pay for something that might not work or if their is a way without getting the static ip it will be better and thanks :razz:
  2. CasterTroy @ 14 Mar 2013 05:54:31 PM
    Yeah, when IPs change the game I believe needs you to log in again. That's what happens when I go back home from work. I'll need to log in again but if I don't log in at work and I go to MD at home the next day then I'm already logged in.
  3. Feel Like Dancin @ 14 Mar 2013 05:57:47 PM
    Yess exactly when at uni i use the uni's wifi on my phone and it works same thing for using the pcs there.. it keeps logging off and sometimes it works for 1 day and other days it doesnt i need to log in again and again.. i guess their should be a solution or something for it since its really annoying
  4. CasterTroy @ 14 Mar 2013 06:09:52 PM
    Yeah I'm guessing the Uni changes the IPs randomly then. It's not something that you can fix really :weh: That's the only reason why I don't log in at school :haha:
  5. Feel Like Dancin @ 14 Mar 2013 06:17:57 PM
    Im sooo sleepy fk i meant at uni it works perfectly (keeps logged in) but while im at home it logs off thats why i log alot while im at uni
  6. [NBK] Insanity™ @ 14 Mar 2013 07:16:12 PM
    Out of curiosity, do you have a wireless connection? Sometimes when on a wireless connection the IP changes due to the DNS. I think that may be what's goin on.
  7. Feel Like Dancin @ 14 Mar 2013 08:12:41 PM
    Well im using a wireless but i have a cable which i can put into my wifi so you suggest to try it ? If yes i will try it and hope it will work
  8. [~?~] Vinnie Da Hitter @ 14 Mar 2013 09:02:39 PM
    You will have to log in after you or software deletes cookies as well. It is easy to check your ip at ipchicken to see if your ip is mysteriously changing. Depending on the isp, if ya turn off modem ya may get a different ip when ya turn it back on. My ip stays the same until i change it.
  9. Feel Like Dancin @ 14 Mar 2013 09:10:20 PM
    Did and its changing every second damn :sad:

    I guess there is no other way to get the same ip unless you get a static one
  10. [~?~] Vinnie Da Hitter @ 14 Mar 2013 09:18:47 PM
    Hmm If my ip started changing by its self or randomly I would be calling my isp (internet service provider) It sounds like it is them or your modem trying to take a poo poo.
  11. [NBK] Insanity™ @ 14 Mar 2013 11:01:46 PM
    yeah, thats odd that your IP is changing every second.

    only way i have heard that before if you are tapped into a server that is built to hide your IP :haha:

    yeah, instead of directly calling your ISP, try just plugging into your modem. can't hurt to try.
  12. boing @ 14 Mar 2013 11:02:25 PM
    On the campus that i go to we have over 500 ip adreess in different spots of campus. me have the local campus internet and me at&t and i think is some generic one that never works. There is 3 choices of providers, everybuilding have at least 10 different wireless routers. i play my ps3 in the dorm and i get looged off alot because of then. i by passed it by only going to one provider and locking it in.
  13. [H~I] @K0zz @ 14 Mar 2013 11:28:16 PM
    You shouldn't have an ip change unless you are disconnecting from the router. Your router might be faulty.
  14. [H~I] Dat Duckie @ 14 Mar 2013 11:50:24 PM
    You aren't using a private internet session are you? If you are and you close out, or open one, thats what will kick you out also.
  15. Adios. @ 14 Mar 2013 11:59:36 PM
    router changing ip without getting restart then it seems like a problem.

    Open your router page and see there might be an option like "Get new ip after xx mins" or something like that with the same meaning.
    Because router changes the ip if we are idle for some time and then assigns that ip someone else and we get a new ip.