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when the game first started. photo contest.

  1. James009 @ 14 Jun 2013 11:45:10 PM
    I,m looking for a photo of myself. My name was gooch back then. I think it was the first photo contest. Had to have mfd sign and like a spoon, vacuum hose,turtle, ect.... I really want the photo I entered. No where else to find. All I had in photo was a spoon,watch cap, and a beard. Any help would be great. Can send link here Thank you.
  2. [~?~] Vinnie Da Hitter @ 16 Jun 2013 06:18:35 AM
    This question has been up long enough with now reply.
    I will not email you.
    I'd say your best bet would be.
  3. [BDU] lackouUK @ 17 Jun 2013 11:42:15 AM
    There's nothing stopping this chap from logging onto MD and reading his messages here. It's a good idea not to e-mail since hackers can get details from your e-mail address, I've seen it quite a few times before on MD.

    So, here's a nice friendly reminder to not e-mail people you are unfamiliar with.
  4. [BDU] DirtyPrincess♡ @ 17 Jun 2013 10:40:00 PM
    The reason i never replied is because I don't think this is important enough to waste time looking for a photo. It's not relevant to the game IMO :hmm:

    Especially when the person wanting it can't be arsed to log into the game to get it.
  5. Frankie. @ 17 Jun 2013 11:08:35 PM
    I couldn't find it, but I found this image on google. He has a beard, a hat, and a spoon.
  6. [°ß°] Hancock @ 17 Jun 2013 11:22:11 PM

    Once again Meyer to the rescue!!!!!
  7. [COT] Big C @ 19 Jun 2013 09:00:36 PM
  8. DonQ @ 19 Jun 2013 10:44:30 PM