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  1. [~?~] ⭐⭐⚡⌛⛲⭐⭐ @ 09 Nov 2013 06:01:01 PM
    Did the ammo glitch ever get fixed?

    I bought some ammo and it all disappeared once I used the weapon
  2. [BDU] Macabre @ 09 Nov 2013 07:14:11 PM
    It's not a glitch, just a costly thing for HP battles. Speed accounts get better use from guns as they only hit the once.

    Def accounts tend to stick to Light Sabers and bull whips from what I was told, no ammo cost that way.
  3. [BDU] нєιѕєивєяg @ 09 Nov 2013 07:20:28 PM
    Def accounts should only use ammo if its a known 1 hit kill
  4. [~?~] ⭐⭐⚡⌛⛲⭐⭐ @ 09 Nov 2013 08:12:02 PM
    thanks :)

    where do I find a light sabre? and one of those wack a mobster thing?
  5. [BDU] нєιѕєивєяg @ 09 Nov 2013 08:17:13 PM
    Both rares. lightsaber ~7k WAM ~2k
  6. [#14] Gr8fulDane @ 09 Nov 2013 10:43:58 PM
    thats what you are charging for them?
  7. [BDU] нєιѕєивєяg @ 09 Nov 2013 11:06:39 PM
    Thats what they are worth ish
  8. [°ß°] Hancock @ 09 Nov 2013 11:35:40 PM

    Basically guns will use one ammunition per X of your hits in a battle.

    So say Gun A uses one per 5 hits and you enter a battle and kill them in 1 shot, the game then takes note that you haven't hit enough time to use one, but you have made at least one hit. So it essentially just rolls a die and may or may not use ammunition for that battle.
  9. [~?~] ⭐⭐⚡⌛⛲⭐⭐ @ 10 Nov 2013 05:20:10 AM long as the person is still dead. I guess you could have hit them with the handle
  10. gonerssss @ 22 Jan 2014 03:56:55 AM
    hmmm the ammo doesnt say how many times it can be used in 1 hit kills though so how would u know?