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The Ultimate Guide (FAQ, Crimes, Cities, Training, and More)

  1. [H~I] $$$ZΛG$$$ @ 22 May 2017 03:55:40 PM
    Here is the Ultimate Guide.. if you have any question, please message a Player Guide from the following link:
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    To start with:

    Account Moves

    If you are going to be moving accounts at any point, remember to follow these rules: (No Exceptions)

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    IF YOU GET SCAMMED, WE CAN NOT GET YOUR PTS/ITEMS BACK. The only thing we can do is place a scammer tag on the persons account that scammed you

    Everyone runs into a scammer from time to time. and some fall into their traps.

    1.) If a deal is too good to be true, then 99.9% of the times it is.

    EXAMPLE: Someone is offering you 1,000 points for $1,000,000

    2.) If someone is trying to sell you Items/points that you dont trust, then either...

    a.) Make them send first

    b.) Tell them to put the item/points
    on the market so you can buy
    c.) Ask them if you can go through a
    Middle man.
    (Make sure the middle man is a trusted player)

    (If someone doesnt trust you then offer them option B or C):wink:

    3.) If you dont trust someone, then never give them vault access to your gang!

    4.) Buying/Selling/Trading Accounts:

    MafiaDeath does not support any of this.

    If you Buy/Trade/Sell accounts, then you are on your own!

    -Thanks to The Punisher
  2. [H~I] $$$ZΛG$$$ @ 22 May 2017 03:56:14 PM
    FAQ about the new core

    Q: Where is the daily voting?
    A: There is no more daily voting, but you can farm points from OTH awards and Dumpster Dive

    Q: What are OTH awards?
    Hitter of the hour - Most exp from hits (Favors low levels)
    Mugger of the hour - Most money mugged
    Mobster of the hour - Most exp gained
    Rat of the hour - Random for anyone online during that hour

    Q: What is Dumpster Dive?
    A: it is a game that gives hourly awards for the highest score during that hour. The awards may even be credits! Yes, you heard it right, free cash for RMs. But usually it is only points.. You can play it from SPOILER

    Q: What happen with daily job?
    A: You have to clock in to the daily job to get paid

    Q: No one busted me from the prison?
    A: Prison bust will be costly because people should stay in the same city to bust you. Please try to do the crimes in populated city so you will find more people to come and help you out (Or use a prison key to bust yourself out)

    Q: What the hell is wrong with bunnies? I only got 1 EXP instead of 10,000 EXP
    A: There is a change on the EXP will only gain EXP from users with 2 or more stats above the recommended stats. The recommended stats are the stats shown between brackets in red under the your stats..

    Q: Is it worth getting an RM? I don't have the money to pay for one
    A: An RM can be really useful for training, depositing, and some other benefits. You can also post a thread in the Marketplace forum asking for an RM in exchange for points.

    Q: Is it worth spending that much points on an RM?
    A: Please refer to the post below "How much is an RM worth"

    Q: why is there a "*" next to my points?
    A: there are 2 kinds on points. Points: Premium Points (can be transferred) and Dealer Points. The difference is only the fact that Dealer points are stuck to your account. Dealer points are gained through leveling up, or buying em from SPOILER If you are a LOW LEVEL, make sure to check those dealer points since they will be cheap.

    Q: Vault Condition now is not 100 %secure? start disappear ?..or can be able to mug?...or what?
    A: When your vault condition drops, the secured cash will be at risk of being robbed by other players. Make sure to check "Unsecured cash" to avoid them being mugged by others

    Q: Gang Crime... can a gang work on 2 different gang crimes as long as they have enough members to cover it?
    A: Gangs can do two different crimes at the same time so long as;
    a) The gang is high enough level
    b) The gang has enough members to participate

    Q: What do the +/- numbers in brackets next to my HoF rankings mean?
    A: If there is a positive number next to one of your rankings it means that is the number of places you have moved upwards in the Hall of Fame for that group. If there is a negative number, it means you've moved downwards that many places. If there is no number, it means there is no change in your rank since yesterday.

    Q: Why does the Refill & Retry button not give me 100 nerve on the Crime screen?
    A: The Refill & Retry button does exactly that. It refills 100 of your nerve and then proceeds to use the required nerve for the crime you're doing. So if you're doing a 50 nerve crime, have no nerve left, and then hit the Refill & Retry button. Your nerve will be filled 100, then have 50 removed for the crime, and it will display as 50 nerve left on your bar.

    Q: What does crime mastery do?
    A: Mastering a crime means that you will gain less cash but more exp.. There are currently 5 levels of Mastery.. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and Level 4 Maxed (Will try to provide more info in a table as soon as all the crimes data are collected)

    Q: There is Noob Protection period, so i cant hit noobs???
    A: New players have two weeks or until they hit level 10 for their protection period.

    Q: How can I repair a gang vault?
    A: Gang Vault is fixed in the Gang Crime... there are crimes described as repair vault

    Q: How can I make a search showing people with the most money out?
    A: Check the box next to "or More". it will show you mobsters with the most money out in descending order

    Q: is the only way to get extra EXP at all to do crimes?
    A: Crimes, mug, and of course hit any higher level than yours (As long as that guy has 2 stats in recommended).

    Q: How can i know if the mobster I'm attacking has 2 stats in recommended
    A: You can't. Spying will only give you his stats but will not tell you if that person has 2 stats above recommended.. Best way to know is to try and kill him/her and check how much exp did you gain

    Q: Where do I find Prison Cell Keys?
    A: Prison Cell Keys can be found occasionally from the "Assault a Prison Worker" crime and the "Assault a Police Officer" crime. The drop rate on these two crimes differ, and the Police Officer one will only drop keys for people level 100 and below.

    Q: What is that "Gym Boost"?
    A: Gym boost gives you extra stats per train for 25 mins... it is recommended to use if you are burning above 2000 points... If you are below level 300, make sure to you Gym Boost 4Noobs since it will give you more than the normal Gym boost (same price)

    Q: Where did the Money HoF go?
    A: As the Hall of Fame only updates once daily now, the Money HoF was made useless for anyone using it for mugging. The exact same thing can be accomplished by going to the Search page now by checking the box next to the Money search.

    Q: What is this about Experience Boosts?
    A: When the Hospital counter gets to numbers above 200 or so, EXP boosts start to kick in with any battles won during that time. The higher the hospital counter gets the higher the EXP boosts become. So going on rampages and such will be of benefit to you and all others online!

    Q: Where did my Coloured Name go?
    A: If your Coloured Name has disappeared it is because you no longer have RM status on your account. In the previous core it was actually a glitch where your coloured names would still display after RM status had run out.

    Q: Why do I always fail with mugging?
    A: If you are trying to mug a player with anything less than $100 on hand, you will fail automatically. If you're only mugging for just over $100, the experience gained from each mug will be much less than if you were mugging a player with a significant amount of money on hand.

    Q: Why can't I send items to anyone?
    A: Items are now sent to other players via their profile. There is now a "Send Item" link right next to the "Send Money" and "Send Points" options.

    -Thanks to Arnold
    -Thanks to Scream
    -Edited and improved by Viper
  3. [H~I] $$$ZΛG$$$ @ 22 May 2017 03:56:58 PM
    Mafia Death Training Level Formula

    Hopefully, this will once and for all solve any future questions about the best levels to power-train at regardless of awake...

    Awake / 100 / 2 - 9 = First level to train at.

    From there, add the sum of the equation before subtracting 9 to the final answer to keep getting training levels, for example:
    11800 (awake) / 100 = 118
    118 / 2 = 59 (sum of equation before subtracting 9)
    59 - 9 = 50

    So for 11800 awake the best levels are underlined
    50 + 59 = 109 + 59 = 168 + 59 = 227 + 59 = 286 etc etc...
    8200 (awake) / 100 = 82
    82 / 2 = 41
    41 - 9 = 32

    So for 8200 awake the best levels are underlined
    32 + 41 = 73 + 41 = 114 + 41 = 155 etc etc...

    Hope this helps...

    Training Levels: 50, 109, 168, 227, 286, 345, 404, 463, 522, 581, 640

    -Thanks to DanceManDan for the info
  4. [H~I] $$$ZΛG$$$ @ 22 May 2017 03:57:15 PM
    How much is an RM Worth?

    Minutes in a 30 day RM
    30 * 24 * 60 = 43,200

    Turns in 30 days
    43,200 / 5 = 8,640 turns

    Non RM Energy Earned
    8640 * 15% = ~1296 bars

    RM Energy Earned
    8640 * 25% = ~2160 bars

    2160 - 1296 = ~+864 bars

    (Averaging 1 million deposited per day)
    Bank Deposit No RM per 30 days
    ( 1,000,000 * 0.08 ) * 30 = 2,400,000

    Bank Deposit RM Per 30 days
    ( 1,000,000 * 0.04 ) * 30 = 1,200,000

    So, aside from the fact that you get 150 extra inventory, the color name schtuffs, and the RM Cities, the results are conclusive.

    For a Non-RM player to have the chance at as many bars of energy as an RM player, they would have to spend 8640 points.

    If we add the bonus points you earn, and convert the bank deposit you save into a point value of average 35k a point, your RM pack is worth someone who is online 24/7 a whopping 8,724 points. Your results may vary due to sleep time.

    To figure out whether or not an RM pack is worth it for how often you log in, you can use this formula.

    [ (Average Hours Played Per Day) * 60 * 30 ] * 0.2 / 10 = Bonus bars from RM pack (We will refer to this result as K in the next formula)

    To figure out the extra stats per month earned from training this extra energy you use this formula:

    K * [ (Level + 9) * (rand(0.009 - 0.013) * (Awake * Awake%)) ]

    If you turn that into a spread sheet or some shit to get a random variance number you could figure out how much its worth approximately in stats.

    tl;dr Conclusion
    If you play 1 hour a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 435 points
    If you play 2 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 870 points
    If you play 3 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 1,155 points
    If you play 4 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 1,740 points
    If you play 5 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 2,025 points
    If you play 6 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 2,310 points
    If you play 9 hours a day a RM pack is worth: ~ 3,465 points

    -Thanks to Biebsauce
  5. [H~I] $$$ZΛG$$$ @ 22 May 2017 03:57:30 PM
    Color BBCodes

    Antique White
    Aqua Marine
    Blue Violet
    Cadet Blue
    Dark Blue
    Dark Cyan
    Dark Gray
    Dark Green
    Dark Khaki
    Dark Magenta
    Dark Orange
    Dark Orchid
    Dark Red
    Dark Sea Green
    Dark Violet
    Deep Pink
    Deep Sky Blue
    Fire Brick
    Forest Green
    Golden Rod
    Green Yellow
    Hot Pink
    Indian Red
    Lawn Green
    Lemon Chiffon
    Light Blue
    Light Coral
    Light Cyan
    Light Green
    Light Grey
    Light Pink
    Light Salmon
    Light Sky Blue
    Light Yellow
    Medium Blue
    Medium Orchid
    Medium Purple
    Midnight Blue
    Misty Rose
    Old Lace
    Olive Drab
    Papaya Whip
    Peach Puff
    Powder Blue
    Rosy Brown
    Royal Blue
    Saddle Brown
    Sandy Brown
    Sea Green
    Sea Shell
    Sky Blue
    Slate Blue
    Slate Gray
    Spring Green
    Steel Blue
    White Smoke
    Yellow Green

    [colour=*BlueViolet]Blue violet[/colour]
    [colour=*CadetBlue]Cadet Blue[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkBlue]Dark blue[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkCyan]Dark Cyan[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkGray]Dark gray[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkGreen]Dark Green[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkKhaki]Dark khaki[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkMagenta]Dark magenta[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkOrange]Dark orange[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkOrchid]Dark orchid[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkRed]Dark red[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkSeaGreen]Dark sea green[/colour]
    [colour=*DarkViolet]Dark violet[/colour]
    [colour=*DeepPink]Deep pink[/colour]
    [colour=*DeepSkyBlue]Deep sky blue[/colour]
    [colour=*FireBrick]Fire brick[/colour]
    [colour=*ForestGreen]Forest green[/colour]
    [colour=*GoldenRod]Golden Rod[/colour]
    [colour=*GreenYellow]Green yellow[/colour]
    [colour=*HotPink]Hot pink[/colour]
    [colour=*IndianRed]Indian Red[/colour]
    [colour=*LawnGreen]Lawn Green[/colour]
    [colour=*LemonChiffon]Lemon Chiffon[/colour]
    [colour=*LightBlue]Light blue[/colour]
    [colour=*LightCoral]Light coral[/colour]
    [colour=*LightCyan]Light cyan[/colour]
    [colour=*LightGreen]Light green[/colour]
    [colour=*LightGrey]Light grey[/colour]
    [colour=*LightPink]Light pink[/colour]
    [colour=*LightSalmon]Light salmon[/colour]
    [colour=*LightSkyBlue]Light sky blue[/colour]
    [colour=*LightYellow]Light yellow[/colour]
    [colour=*Limegreen]Lime green[/colour]
    [colour=*MediumBlue]Medium Blue[/colour]
    [colour=*MediumOrchid]Medium orchid[/colour]
    [colour=*MediumPurple]Medium purple[/colour]
    [colour=*MidnightBlue]Mightnight Blue[/colour]
    [colour=*MistyRose]Misty rose[/colour]
    [colour=*OldLace]Old lace[/colour]
    [colour=*OliveDrab]Olive drab[/colour]
    [colour=*PapayaWhip]Papaya whip[/colour]
    [colour=*PeachPuff]Peach puff[/colour]
    [colour=*PowderBlue]Powder Blue[/colour]
    [colour=*RosyBrown]Rosy Brown[/colour]
    [colour=*RoyalBlue]Royal blue[/colour]
    [colour=*SaddleBrown]Saddle brown[/colour]
    [colour=*SandyBrown]Sandy Brown[/colour]
    [colour=*SeaGreen]Sea green[/colour]
    [colour=*SeaShell]Sea shell[/colour]
    [colour=*SkyBlue]Sky blue[/colour]
    [colour=*SlateBlue]Slate blue[/colour]
    [colour=*SlateGray]Slate gray[/colour]
    [colour=*SpringGreen]Spring green[/colour]
    [colour=*SteelBlue]Steel blue[/colour]
    [colour=*WhiteSmoke]White smoke[/colour]
    [colour=*YellowGreen]Yellow green[/colour]

    -Thanks to Kailye Narisse™
    -Thanks to HMMMMMMM
  6. [BDU] lackouUK @ 16 Sep 2019 11:53:01 AM
    Mafia Death Guides (Cities, Items, Gang Crimes, Crimes)

    -Thanks to Heisenberg for the Images