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  1. freeeee @ 16 Feb 2020 02:19:56 PM
    Why do my attack miss sometimes? Is it because my enemy has higher speed than me? or is it just random?
  2. [BDU] HAVOK @ 16 Feb 2020 07:41:01 PM
    Misses are random...ish. speed ties in tho higher speed is always good to have
  3. freeeee @ 22 Feb 2020 05:10:12 PM
    didnt we have territories? and like bonus gym trains because of our gang houses?
  4. [BDU] HAVOK @ 23 Feb 2020 09:11:32 PM
    all disabled years ago because certain gangs abused it.
  5. [°ß°] ......’..... @ 01 Mar 2020 08:20:17 PM
  6. [BDU] HAVOK @ 02 Mar 2020 01:34:42 PM
  7. freeeee @ 05 Mar 2020 02:04:23 PM
    I still cant figure it out :shifty::haha:
  8. freeeee @ 12 Mar 2020 02:08:06 PM
    another question. whenever i see 2 ppl in prison, I bust 1 out but I am disabled in busting out the next person. this usually lasts several minutes. is this a bug?
  9. [~?~] Skyblue @ 17 Mar 2020 12:16:16 AM
    you can only bust one then someone else has to bust before you can succeed
  10. freeeee @ 17 Mar 2020 05:30:34 AM
    okay. is this general knowledge? or am i just being a noob? nevertheless, thank you!
  11. [H~I] WRX_STi_S209™ @ 17 Mar 2020 05:35:55 PM
    It's part of the new core...a few of the changes were that one has to be in the same city as the user in jail and success rate on consecutive busts has been heavily reduced. Not saying one cannot bust two people consecutively but it usually requires 4/5 attempts and a possible trip to jail yourself before having success with it.
  12. [H~I] L e o R o s s i @ 26 May 2020 12:56:09 PM
    Another noob question. I was hitting this inactive player for exp

    he recently got banned a couple of hours ago.

    do accounts get banned because of inactivity? if so, is there a fixed amount of years/months for them to be deleted?