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Here is a idea

  1. [NBK] Nitroed @ 10 Feb 2019 09:36:15 PM
    Was even thinking about buying these bigger LEGO cars, but they are fcking expensive.. :haha: I have so much LEGO from when I was a child, it makes me wonder what the value would be
  2. [COT] *~BabyGator~* @ 11 Feb 2019 12:03:36 AM
    Omg there is a huge market for that. People pay for retired LEGO sets. I have LEGO sets that I have not even opened, prestine in the boxes that go for hundreds of dollars. So if you have them and they are in good condition you can make monies :fistpump:
  3. [NBK] Nitroed @ 12 Feb 2019 09:16:47 AM
    Yeah nothing left in there original packings.. :haha: I had an entire city when I was a kid, but opened everyting :haha:
  4. [H~I] S.T.P Movement @ 12 Feb 2019 02:03:14 PM
    Suddenly LEGO sounds like great fun again