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Hitter of the Hour

  1. [~?~] STORM @ 06 Jun 2020 08:28:43 PM
    instead of it just counting xp/lvls, I thought itd be cool if online hits were more of a factor when deciding.
  2. [BDU] HAVOK @ 15 Jun 2020 03:42:04 PM
  3. [BDU] A7X$ @ 15 Jun 2020 04:04:00 PM
    I thought mobster of the hour was the one that counted lvl/exp and hitter of the hour was the hit counter
  4. M̸̡̈́Ȇ̷̦0W̸̩̰̍Y̴ @ 16 Jun 2020 04:40:20 AM
    I think King is right

    Plus having it weighted more for online hits would put lower level players at a disadvantage
  5. [BDU] G E H @ 16 Jun 2020 04:52:20 AM
    Monster of the hour is given to the person that gains the most exp in that hour. Hitter of the hour is given to whoever hit the most players in that hour, regardless of online status
  6. [BDU] G E H @ 16 Jun 2020 04:52:31 AM
    Mobster *:scared:
  7. [BDU] HAVOK @ 16 Jun 2020 04:58:43 AM
    Not true

    Hitter is mix of hits plus exp from those hits
  8. [~?~] STORM @ 16 Jun 2020 05:08:55 AM
    mobster counts xp from all sources
    hitter counts xp from hits as well as hit counts. I think one 10kxp hit beats 4 normal hits or something like that. and I think is a 10k hit from a lower lvl player vs one from a higher lvl player, the lower one wins out? not sure about that one, just what I heard.

    im not saying let it be the only factor when deciding, just to let it be a factor.
  9. [BDU] A7X$ @ 18 Jun 2020 02:29:21 AM
    Mobster OTH requirements


    Hitter OTH requirements

    Kill them, KILL THEM ALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mugger OTH requirements

    Mug them, MUG EM ALL!!!!

    Rat OTH requirements

    Get lucky :wink::rasberry::tongue::cool:
  10. [BDU] A7X$ @ 18 Jun 2020 02:31:15 AM
    10k exp?

    tell me

    who can give out that much exp these days?

    exp cap is lower and bunnies dont exist anymore, thought everyone knew this
  11. [BDU] G E H @ 18 Jun 2020 04:08:32 AM
    10k exp was the cap. How much time did you put into that post? :rasberry:
  12. [BDU] A7X$ @ 18 Jun 2020 04:13:03 AM
    Not much time at all,

    Just typed, highlighted and pressed buttons

    Oh and so copy and paste but not long really
  13. [~?~] STORM @ 18 Jun 2020 12:13:12 PM
    Csnt use 10/10/10 bunnies anymore. But up until mid 400s, 10k bunnies arent har d to find