Natural Born Killers


1.) Be active every day - those who are inactive for more than 30 days will be kicked from the gang unless the gang leader or a gang admin is notified.

(Inactivos por mas de 30 dias, seran botados de la ganga, a menos que se lo dejes saber tu ausencia a uno de los lideres.)

2.) Gain gang experience - To rise to the top of the gang list, we need to gain as much gang experience as possible. Use of certified bunnies and attacking high level members of other gangs with lower stats than your own (personal bunnies) are acceptable means to do so.

(Para mantenernos en el tope de las gangas,necesitamos ganar la mas experiencia posible.)(Exp 10,000)

3.) Help our members grow - higher level gang members are required to help any newer family members that are in our gang gain a better understanding of MafiaDeath 1 which will in turn make us a more cohesive unit.

(Ayudamos a nuestros nuevos miembros a como ser mejores, y como aprender a jugar)

4.) Always be respectful - whether it be to your fellow gang members or members of other gangs. Disrespect, racism and sexism will not be tolerated here.

(No importan de que pais procedan,Nos respetaremos,no toleramos el racismo ni nada que ofenda a nuestros miembros.)

5.) Weekly Donation - A minimum weekly donation (3 points daily) is required of every active member of the gang.

(Se requiere una minima donacion diaria de 5 puntos por cada miembro activo en esta ganga)

6.) Forum Activity - Activity within our forum is highly recommended and rewarded. We are a family here in the cult, and the gang forum is the main way we communicate or concerns, opinions and suggestions to each other.

(Mantenganse activo en nuestro foro interno y sea participe en el, asi nos comunicamos mejor y aceptaremos sugerencias.)

7.) Don't forget to have fun - because at the end of the day, it's still just a game...

(Y no te olvides que al terminar el dia, esto es solo un juego.)





Rank Mobster Level Money Position Online
1 [NBK] Insanity™ 574 $1,185 Doing Time
2 [NBK] Frank Lucas 564 $25,156 Mass Murderer
3 [NBK] Wikia 546 $28,717 Mass Murderer
4 [NBK] Sir Dragon 521 $2,748 Co-Leader
5 [NBK] -=Malory=- 506 $86,400 Mass Murderer
6 [NBK] Lex 502 $16 Mass Murderer
7 [NBK] Darth Cartman™ 492 $0 Mass Murderer
8 [NBK] ._. 486 $0 Guest
9 [NBK] Poisen_Ivy 357 $0 Guest
- [NBK] =Derek Vinyard=™ 357 $128,000 Leader [online]
10 [NBK] MIA 188 $0 Leader
11 [NBK] Buster 54 $0 Mass Murderer
12 [NBK] LincolnClay 52 $51 Killer
13 [NBK] PickleRick 39 $16,496 Mass Murderer