No Allies

Sorry. This is mafia death. Here we are supposed to be thugs, crooks, and gangstas to anyone who is not in our crew! Only loyalty to my crew and no one else. Yes I have friends but if they leave money out I'm going to get it also! That's how we rise to the top! If you fucked up and left money out who would you rather get it? A friend or an enemy? Here is where we play to win. To rise to the top. Fuck your feelings this is MAFIA DEATH!!!



Rank Mobster Level Money Position Online
1 [N~A] ~Kinnson~ 606 $6,357 Leader [online]
2 [N~A] - Lt. Dangle - 570 $0 Co-Leader [online]
3 [N~A] gapzᶻᙆ 195 $560 Associate
4 [N~A] A Town 61 $60 Special (ED) Leader
5 [N~A] Hellz-Fury 40 $0 Associate
6 [N~A] PickleRick 27 $984 Associate [online]
7 [N~A] Onesimus 8 $800 Associate