Quote: This thing still lives?

Rating: 4,679
Name: [~?~] Hazard Language: English (AU)
Type: Respected Mobster HP: 24,500 / 24,500 [100%]
Gender: Female Battles: 11,887
Level: 490 Crimes: 41,985
Prison (Caught): 1,068 Forum Posts: 166
Prison (Busts): 3,567 Money: $0
Age: 4,623 days Last Active: 42m
Gang: The Unknowns Online:
Land: Large Private Island House: Large Island Mansion
City: Compton Status: -
Referred By: -




Fall with the rest, but with a hidden desire

Kept deep beneath, a quite passionate fire

Laugh with the others, never showing a sign

Of what my truth is, of what thoughts are mine

No one can tell, and they can't start to see

The troubles I've conquered, or Who lives inside me

The struggles I cope with, are covered from sight

The nightmares I have in those long lonesome nights

But I do not fear them, I have too much to ponder

The ways of mankind and the land they still wander

So many things, that I feel I must know

Knowledge to gain, my mind must still grow

Fighting to break free, wanting to express

Kept in so long, but still don't confess

Cloaked as another, right under their vision

Thoughtful, but broken, no final decision

Left, still, to ponder. Alone deep inside

Someone please see me, I don't want to hide

I want them to know, with full comprehension

Just one single soul, to shift their attention

Know who I am, not just what I say

See how I feel, not this simple display

I'm more than the guy you see in the hall

I'm more than this person I show to them all

Heed what I say and all that's between...