Quote: Tankgirl is mine and im hers +1 $£

Rating: 20,940
Name: Niklaus Mikelson Language: English (AU)
Type: Mobster HP: 28,300 / 28,300 [100%]
Gender: Male Battles: 37,643
Level: 566 Crimes: 295,052
Prison (Caught): 6,108 Forum Posts: 183
Prison (Busts): 13,582 Money: $530
Age: 5,003 days Last Active: 2556d 1h 10m
Gang: - Online:
Land: Large Private Island House: Large Island Mansion
City: Saint Petersburg Status: -
Referred By: -



I do paid Hits message me when needed

Rules of the Rambo kangaroo

I alwayes hit offline targets with money out.

If i hit you online ive either been paid or you have hit my gang nuff said

hits left
hits left

points earned as Hitman: 4945
Money earned as hitman: 39,400,000

I'm one of the Old Ones! An Original! Do you know what that means? I've never died. Every one of you has died, you gallery of spooks! But not me. Death can't touch me. I am invincible!