Quote: Yu want for be mine frend?

Rating: 140
Name: [BDU] Nastitime Language: English (AU)
Type: Respected Mobster HP: 1,500 / 1,500 [100%]
Gender: Male Battles: 492
Level: 30 Crimes: 3,178
Prison (Caught): 11 Forum Posts: 153
Prison (Busts): 0 Money: $192
Age: 135 days Last Active: 1h 22m
Gang: Bulldog Union Online:
Land: Caravan Park Large House: Large Caravan
City: Phoenix Status: -
Referred By: -



Mine most powur nastitimes. Mine look for mine crodile frend. Give mine point for be bes frends or go for hell mistur.

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[H~I] Peralta sent you 500 points.24 Jul 2020, 8:55am
[H~I] Peralta rated you up.Hims mikael westuns suk him devuls dik for tringle shape penus. him gay wuns men. Him no power men. Hom no mine frend. him for hell to go with him devul sum to bitch.

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Mine frend to life powr mens loli skwerl mine gudwun frend. him kils mine but him nice for nastitimes. mine protec hims for life
30 Mar 2020
09:04:48 PMSay gudbye to prisun forever

You successfully sent Prison Cell Key (x20) to [BDU] Nastitime.

Hims mine bess frend to life

Jonny S mabi S meens stoopid sum to bitch rat mine doon, him rot on hell with devul furever

Mine frends
Stumper- him name. him meen win dog frend strung lik hell. him rat mine up him gift mine marawana gift. him mine frend to life. yu kill hims yu fite mine too.
[H~I] Flin Chi Hims misteri mens wite hat sind mine 100 poont. him gud wus mine protec. hims mine frend to life
[~?~] ~~~Skyblue~~~~~~ sent you $770,233.01 Apr 2020, 8:17am

Yu mine frend to life mens yu send mine mani munnys mabi by noo hoose. mine rich mens. mine becum powur mens with poont mabi protect this frend to life.
[~?~] ~~~Skyblue~~~~~~ sent you $775,607.02 Apr 2020, 8:17am
[~?~] ~~~Skyblue~~~~~~ rated you up.02 Apr 2020, 8:14am

shiblu yu mine frend mens. mine luv yu forevur for help nastitimes get powur hoose mens

Equire. hims cat men. him mine frend to life for rat mine up mai time. him nastitimes frend mine protec hims so no hit mine cat frend equire

Mine bess frend gift big wuns
[°ß°] Darkizzle sent you 999 points.05 Apr 2020, 9:39am
[°ß°] Darkizzle rated you up.05 Apr 2020, 9:38am

him gift mine 999 poonts. mine luv yu frend. mine protec him. no sums to bitch hurt hims. evur

Mine dragunfrend scariwun fire fase hims gift mine 500 poonts. mine luv hims furevur rele wuns frend. Mine protec yu frend mine buldog gang strung to hell.

[MHC] Sir Dragon sent you 500 points.07 Apr 2020, 3:29am