Quote: If at first you don't suceed then maybe you just suck!!!!

Rating: 3,372
Name: [Que] Mickey Donutts Language: English (AU)
Type: Mobster HP: 25,450 / 25,450 [100%]
Gender: Male Battles: 4,233
Level: 509 Crimes: 83,402
Prison (Caught): 1,477 Forum Posts: 22
Prison (Busts): 1,097 Money: $16
Age: 4,568 days Last Active: 123d 6h 11m
Gang: Reservoir Dogs™ Online:
Land: Large Private Island House: Large Island Mansion
City: Miami Status: -
Referred By: -



Offering protection, hits and collection services. Msg me for details.

Few simple rules:

Its a game. Lighten up.
I will help those lower than me. Its in my nature - Not always free, but, at times for free, just ask
Fuck with me, and I fuck with with you (yes, it is a game, but still, I'm not gonna roll over for some asshole acting e-tough)
If you are mad at me, tell me. If I'm mad at you. you will know.
If you want something from me, ask me.
Don't mess with me or people I protect and we will get along just fine.
I WILL NOT pay for offline bunnies. You are offline! What's the problem????
Thank you and have fun!!

Those I protect: