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Getting Account Back

  1. Mustang351 @ 30 Apr 2013 04:30:42 AM
    i use to play a longtime ago and i think my account got deleted how can i get it back? i was like level 150 my name i recall i think was something superman i had a Mustang Doing A wheelie as my avatar and had pitbulls song as a video in my profile
  2. [°ß°] Hancock @ 30 Apr 2013 05:11:08 AM
    If you couldn't log into it I believe it's gone
  3. Åℓ℘♄α ₩☺ʟḟ Ḳ◎❡@ @ 30 Apr 2013 11:35:12 AM
    Yup I asked the same thing when I first came back...your account is gone :( sorry.
  4. [NBK] -=Malory=- @ 30 Apr 2013 03:15:06 PM
    MD has been reset a lot in the past years :haha: Your count is most likely gone, sorry mate.
  5. [~?~] Vinnie Da Hitter @ 30 Apr 2013 03:33:51 PM
    When an account hits 90 days idle it maybe turned into a non-player account which also makes it up for deletion.
  6. [BDU] Auunnctlye Bobra @ 12 May 2013 04:19:10 AM
    .... do I need to answer or do you know how to read?